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Biblical Sex: Bible Truth About Sexual Ethics


Struggling with sexual shame and guilt? Or with what scripture says about porn, masturbation, and lust? You may be surprised what it doesn't say. Learn Bible truth from experts that will give your conscience the freedom God intended.


Are you tired of fighting a never-ending battle for sexual purity? Do you wonder how far is too far when it comes to sex? Does true freedom from sexual sin even seem possible? If you've wondered about questions like these, then Jesus is your answer. He gives you his holiness, and frees you from sexual moralism. And he does that, not by your own best efforts to maintain pure desires, but rather, simply through your belief in the truth of his Word.


Biblical Sex: Bible Truth About Sexual Ethics is a Gospel-centered look at the specific words, language, concepts, principles, and theology of the body found in scripture. Written in an honest, pragmatic style, this book will challenge your assumptions about sex, even transforming the way you think and understand your own freedoms in Christ. The truth of Jesus is what will liberate you from religious moralism.


In Biblical Sex: Bible Truth About Sexual Ethics, you'll discover:

  • How the word "lust" in the Bible can be misleading
  • Why the vague term "sexual immorality" is problematic
  • Why most Christians condemn all types of porn and masturbation, but God does not
  • Why much of the problem with pornography is the way we think about it
  • How shaming and unnecessary prohibition often lead to addiction-like problems

    ...and much more


Biblical Sex: Bible Truth About Sexual Ethics is a great resource for porn or sex 'addiction' recovery groups, as well as for Christian premarital and marriage counseling. You can live free from the bondage of moralistic purity and sexual shame.


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