Welcome to BiblicalSex.org. Our hope is to help give a clear understanding of Biblical terms, as well as essential issues relating to sex, and the context of what God says (or doesn't say) about them. We publish articles that break with certain cultural and sexual mores, but which are also congruent with sound Biblical doctrine. Some articles you may read are long-form content in nature, but most are shorter in length and meant to be reader-friendly.

We love Jesus and believe he changes lives. We also love his church and want to see people, both Christian believers as well as unbelievers, live free from the bondage of moralistic sexual purity and shame. You will likely find that some ideas on this site are hard to accept at first, and you may feel offended by them at some point. But likewise, you may also find that other ideas will transform the way you think and understand your own freedoms in Christ.

If you find this website helpful, please share it with others you think will benefit from it. They may be some of the readers it was meant for. Thank you for taking the time to consider the content and also for your interest. God Bless!

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